Lisa Pettett

Lisa Pettett

BRick Entertainment
5225 Whishire Blvd.,Ste. 718
Los Angeles, CA, 90036
323 350-3285

Height: 5’8”
Weight: 125
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue


Guest Star           Craig T. Nelson, Director
On Our Own          
Guest Star           Joel Zwick, Director
Daddy’s Girls      
Guest Star           Greg Antonacci, Director
The Nanny           
Guest Star           Paul Miller, Director
Something So Right
Supporting           Max Tash, Director
Deep Space Nine    
Featured/Action         Winrich Colbe, Director

LA Confidential          Dancer         Curtis Hansen, Director


A Single Woman         

Jeannette Rankin         Rip Rap Studios
In the Valley of Mist  
Nerasis         Miles Playhouse
The Onion Peeled Series
Solo Performer          Highways Performance Art
Stories of the Season   
Ensemble         Santa Fe Stages, Santa Fe, NM
The Onion Peeled Series
Solo Performer          Highways
Stories of the Season   
Ensemble          Gascon Theatre
Women’s Work           
Solo Performer          Highways
Safari/Lost Waltz       
Ensemble          Griffith Park
Coyote of the Blue Mountain
Fran          Whitefire Theatre
Nadiezdha          Pacific Theatre Ensemble
Under the Gaslight     
Sue Early          Pacific Theatre Ensemble
Camino Real            
Eva          Pacific Theatre Ensemble
Beggar’s Opera          Suky Tawdry          Pacific Theatre Ensemble

COMMERCIALS (Conflicts available upon request)

DANCE (private functions/concerts/classes)
(partial credits)
Movement 2004          Tango Dancer          Palace Theatre, LA
Evening of Tango          Tango Dancer          Levitt Pavilion, Pasadena, CA
Arab-esque          Tango Dancer          Alex Theatre, Glendale, CA
Ritual          Tango Dancer          The Highlands, L.A.
Promax Convention          Tango Dancer          Bonaventure Hotel, L.A.
Recognition Event          Tango Dancer          J. Paul Getty Museum

Critic Comments
“Lisa Pettett…stands out.” T.H. Mculloh, LA Times
“Last but not least is the formidable present of Lisa Pettett…” Bruce Feld, Dramalogue
“Lisa Pettett cuts a swath as a society belle…” Polly Warfield, Dramalogue

TRAINING: Scene Study/Monologues- Jamie Rose (currently), Zina Provendie, Marilyn Fox , Shakespeare- Ellen Geer, Voice, Dance, Improvisations, Upfront Comedy, Peter Brosius, Performance Art- Danielle Brazell, Denise Uyehara, Highways, Bachelor’s Degree/Theatre, BSU
SKILLS: British, Southern dialects, Dancer (Argentine tango, hip hop, tap, swing, Latin, ballroom, improvisational), artist, billiards, swimmer, soccer, yoga.