South Bay, Long Beach & Los Angeles electrician - Panel Upgrades

Your Electrical Service Panel is the heart of your electrical system it distributes power from your service provider DWP&Edison to every electrical device in your home or business. If this fails or is out of date major problems can occur, loss of power, damage to electrical appliances, and at worst an electrical fire.

Today’s modern homes use an incredible amount of electricity compared to 20/30 years ago. With today’s modern appliances and the increasing demand for electricity there is a huge amount of stress put on the home wiring especially the electrical panel and breakers. Some of the older breakers are particularly dangerous because they won’t trip or shut of when they are supposed to, and therefore won’t protect your home in the event of an electrical fault.

The fact is if your home is over 20 years old you should seriously consider an electrical panel upgrade. Some of the tell tale signs that your panel could be a hazard are:

Flickering or dimming lights
Loss of power
Intermittent loss of power to outlets or lights
Breakers tripping frequently
Arcing buzzing or burning coming from the panel
Appliances not running on full power

If you are experiencing any of these problems or have any concerns please call us immediately.

Some other common less urgent reasons you may need a panel upgrade may include

Home renovation or addition
Existing supply is 100 amps or less
New Air Condition system
Addition of new kitchen appliances
Addition Hot tub or Spa
Addition of a solar panel system
Home owner’s insurance compliance

When doing any type of electrical work to your home or business, it is always a good idea to start at the electrical panel. Schedule an appointment today before you start any work and we can tell you right away and free of charge if your electrical panel is sufficient and safe